What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty


WhatAliceForgotGenre: adult contemporary, chick lit

My rating: 2/5  (it was okay)

Life lesson: Make time for your partner.


Honestly, I was disappointed in this novel. It’s a good idea: a woman falls off spin bike and loses 10 years of her life, forgetting  her husband, children and they myriad of changes that have occurred in those 10 years of life. Alice struggles to come to terms with how her marriage has changed over ten  years, when she still thinks they are newlyweds. Since I am in a new-ish marriage (just starting year two!), I really liked reading about how the marriage grew and changed over the course of ten years — in good and bad ways. It was a good lesson in making time for each other once kids and work begin to take over, and while kids are still a little ways off for my husband and I, I really appreciated reading a warning, so to speak, about keeping our marriage healthy.

However, while I connected to the plot and loved the idea of the novel, I had a hard time connecting to the characters; even Alice, whose voice is the primary narrator, didn’t feel like a real person to me. I was frustrated by some of her decisions (although, I did think her bewilderment at her “new” life after amnesia was well-done), and thought there needed to be some more detail about her current life. The author spent too much time in flashbacks for me; I thought the present-day storyline was more interesting than how Alice’s relationship began. I also didn’t like how the author changed the narrator to Alice’s sister’s and grandmother’s point of view. I didn’t think those alternate voices added much to the story, and the grandmother’s especially seemed random and disjointed from the rest of the narrative.

Overall, if you like chick lit authors like Jojo Moyes, Emily Giffen, and Jennifer Weiner you’ll probably enjoy this one. I think my critiques are more personal peeves than anything else. 🙂


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